Adlib Introduces Leading-Edge Parental Leave Program to Employee Community

Responding to a continually changing employment landscape, the enterprise software company has implemented an extension of premium employee benefits package.

Toronto, Canada - August 17, 2015 (PRWEB). Building on an employee-focused culture, Adlib, a leading Advanced Rendering global technology vendor, has launched a new parental leave program, enabling new mothers and fathers to be absent from work for extended periods of time to embrace their parental roles.

The new program, uniquely designed to meet the needs of mothers and fathers, including adoptive parents, who meet the Employment Standards Act qualification requirements, includes an extension of previous benefits, with a new 75% top up of an employee’s normal salary in addition to payments they receive from Employment Insurance.

“Adlib’s development has always been strategic and as a key part of that evolution, we feel that implementing this type of program will allow us to continue to attract top talent, while maintaining our culture of a great work-life balance and community,” said Adlib’s Director of Human Resources, Jorden Bartlett. “Teamwork is a give and take situation. We make a significant commitment to our employees and as a result of this commitment we have been able to achieve great things as a company.”

Inciting innovation by removing some of the boundaries that can restrict creativity, Adlib has a culture of open dialogue, friendship, community and teamwork with a focus on health and wellness. This environment has not only contributed to the strengthening of the company’s position in the market place, but also to significant charitable fundraising efforts over the past several years.

“This new program will ensure that we continue to put our employees first,” stated Adlib’s CEO, Peter Duff. “Recognizing the value in team members who are satisfied at work and outside of it, we always endeavor to exceed industry standards by implementing programs that are innovative and look to the future.”

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Lucy Ventresca
Director, Marketing Communications