Adlib Delivers Tailored Benefits to Banking and Insurance Industries

Responds to Market Feedback and Focuses on the Intersection of Advanced Rendering and Capture

November 4, 2014 – Toronto (Source: PRWeb).  Adlib, the leading provider of document-to-PDF Advanced Rendering software for enterprise organizations in a variety of industries, announced today that it will be offering tailored technology benefits to the banking and insurance sectors with their enterprise-grade document-to-PDF conversion product and new capture solution. Adlib has a long history providing archiving and collaboration solutions to customers in the financial services space and now, with an expanding ecosystem of partners with specific industry expertise, will enable both banking and insurance industries to improve the experience of their customers at each phase of the document lifecycle from customer on-boarding and beyond. With better streamlined processes, banking and insurance organizations will be able to increase customer acquisition and manage their content more effectively.

“We like to start with the customer at Adlib, and we’ve seen increasing demand for more industry-specific solutions from our clients in banking and insurance,” says Henry Friesen, Vice President of Products and Marketing at Adlib. “When our customers ask for high value, we deliver. As a result, we’ll be focusing more resources toward those two industries to ensure we’re helping organizations extract maximum value from their document processes, including enhanced claims management, automated report processing, and everything in between.”

 “One way we’re supporting our customers in banking and insurance is by focusing on the intersection of Advanced Rendering and data capture technologies,” says Roger Beharry Lall, Director of Product Marketing at Adlib. “There are many capture products on the market, but what we offer is unique in that our technology is high fidelity and rules-based, so not only can we help ingest content as exact replicas of the original, but we can then use Advanced Rendering technology, custom rules and our expertise in manipulating PDF to send that content to be digested into the next step of the document lifecycle.”

Adlib’s capture technology enables organizations to perform workflows such as digital document on-boarding, data extraction, and document assessment and classification. In addition, with Advanced Rendering organizations can de-duplicate files, ensure content is searchable, compare documents to make next-step assessments and perform multi-format manipulation. Adlib’s capture technology is backed by their renowned high-fidelity PDF conversion engine, producing consistent, accurate and professional documents.

Please visit Adlib for more information on its banking and insurance offering, and to learn more about its capture technology.

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Lucy Ventresca
Director, Marketing Communications