Adlib and CSDC Systems Join Forces to Help Governments Improve Services for Citizens

TORONTO -- () -- Adlib and CSDC Systems today announced a partnership that will extend the functionality of the workflow automation technology platform, AMANDA by integrating Adlib’s automated document-to-PDF conversion capabilities.

Integrating Adlib’s document-to-PDF conversion capabilities with CSDC Systems’ AMANDA, gives Government at all levels across North America the ability to better manage the volume and types of documents used to provide citizens public services.

Adlib will enhance Government-provided public services – currently automated through CSDC Systems’ AMANDA – including the processing of licenses and permits. It will also improve Government agencies’ abilities to process the public’s requests for disclosure under legislation such as Freedom of Information (FOIA) and Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP).

Eric David, CSDC Systems’ Executive VP Strategy comments, “Government agencies across the world have to contend with a rapid growth in volume and complexity of documents – digital and paper – when delivering key services to the public. Over the next few years, the volume alone is expected to increase by over 75 times.” He continues, “For Governments to be able to continue to deliver, and improve, public services, they must adopt technologies that are automated and scalable. CSDC selected Adlib because it is the best technology for Governments to automate and manage the conversion of documents into a reliable format that is easy to use. Without that kind of conversion, the documents which are the foundation for serving the public, are at risk.”

“By working with CSDC Systems, we will be empowering Governments around the globe with content conversions that improve efficiency of fulfilling public services and requests. That can mean reducing the time to complete key steps in processing documents from days to minutes. The result is positive experiences for public sector workers and for every member of the public,” stated Matt Woodworth, Director, Public Sector, Adlib.

About CSDC Systems Inc.

Since 1989, CSDC Systems has helped Government agencies improve their ability to better serve citizens by providing workflow automation solutions. CSDC Systems’ automation technology platform AMANDA has become a sector standard for processing permits, licenses, grants, courts-related processes, and requests under Freedom of Information/Access to Information and Privacy legislation. CSDC Systems is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, has over 200 employees in offices around the globe to serve its clients in North America, Europe, India, the Caribbean, Australia, and Africa.

About Adlib

By automating the conversion of content, Adlib empowers over 5,500 companies to help them save millions of dollars each year. Seamless integration with leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Workflow solutions enable customers to streamline the rendering and assembly of PDFs within existing business processes.