Adlib Software and Nintex® Partner to Automate Business Processes in SharePoint®

Technology Partnership for Powerful Integrated Solution to Empower Users with Document Conversion to PDF and Intelligent Workflows

Burlington, Ontario - July 15, 2010 - Adlib Software today announced their technology partnership with Nintex. The partnership provides a powerful integrated solution to empower users to automate business processes in SharePoint through workflows and the conversion of documents using Adlib PDF for SharePoint.

Adlib is the global leader in document transformation solutions for organizations with challenging business problems due to high volumes of content or regulatory compliance. Nintex is a leading global innovator of SharePoint software products with a passionate commitment to innovation and user experience. Partnered together, Adlib PDF for SharePoint and Nintex Workflow simplifies the process of developing workflows that includes rich document rendering without any custom coding, enabling organizations to react quickly to business needs and reduce costs by eliminating manual business processes.

For users of Adlib PDF for SharePoint and Nintex Workflow, this partnership will provide them with the ability to include document rendering within larger business workflows which can quickly be designed and deployed using Nintex Workflow. For example, the automatic conversion and distribution of documents in a secure PDF format after a document approval or converting documents to PDF/A as part of an archiving process.

"Through the combination of the intuitive workflow tools that Nintex provides and Adlib's automated publishing and rendering engine, Montrium was able to streamline the management and routing of clinical trial records for submission, whilst also significantly reducing the PDF publishing burden on regulatory operations," says Paul Fenton, President and CEO, Montrium Inc. "Montrium welcomes the continued integration of these products to further enhance regulatory submission readiness and automate the regulatory submissions process for new drugs."

The integration between Adlib and Nintex makes it easy to add document rendering to your workflows. You simply insert a "Start Workflow" Action into the Nintex workflow, and then configure it to invoke any of the Adlib workflows for SharePoint that are deployed on your system. It is easy to understand how this is done by watching this short video.

"As long-term partners with both Adlib and Nintex, DataLan is very excited about the commitment of Adlib and Nintex to integrate their solutions. Our focus is creating impactful business solutions on the SharePoint platform for our customers and we frequently leverage their products in these solutions," says Tony Smith, Product Manager, DataLan. "We use Nintex Workflow to create complex workflow processes and Adlib PDF for SharePoint to create PDF versions of materials often created as part of these processes. Having built-in integration between the Adlib and Nintex products will allow us to more easily bring together the capabilities of these products into our solutions."

"Converting documents to PDF is often part of a records management process to ensure documents controls," said Peter Duff, President and CEO of Adlib Software. "Through the combination of Nintex Workflow and Adlib PDF for SharePoint, a wide variety of document-related issues are solved, including excessive amounts of unsearchable documents, legacy or inaccessible formats, longer retention periods, increasingly complex electronic records, disparate archiving methodologies, and the need to manage and track complete document lifecycles. Together Adlib and Nintex solve tangible business needs and requirements as a well-rounded solution offering."

"Nintex welcomes Adlib, a pioneer of PDF file conversion, as a technology partner," says Wayne Woolston, managing director, Nintex. "Ease of use and product innovation are stamped all over this offering."

joint solution is now available for SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

About Adlib Software
Adlib Software is the leading provider of document conversion, recognition and publishing software solution that helps organizations intelligently automate the creation, assembly and distribution of PDF files in combination with critical business processes. Its flagship product, Adlib Express, has become the global standard for server-based, enterprise-wide document transformation. Adlib PDF for SharePoint is the only solution on the market that augments and enhances the Microsoft SharePoint platform with intelligent workflows based business rules for intelligent document transformation. Being the trusted technology provider of Fortune 1000 organizations, Adlib brings over a decade of expertise supporting more than 4,000 international companies and government organizations. Adlib is a proud Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Working with our valued customers and partners, we help organizations capture and preserve corporate memory, automate processes, mitigate risk, adhere to regulatory compliance and improve competitiveness. For more information, visit
About Nintex
Nintex is a leading global innovator of software products that extend Microsoft SharePoint technology. The company focuses on building software that bridges the gap between that which can be bought from Microsoft today and common functionality requested by customers - with a passionate commitment to innovation and user experience. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Nintex aligns with Microsoft's strategic and architectural direction to ensure that Nintex and Microsoft products work in harmony, both today and into the future.
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