Standardizing Your Content – getting the most value from your documents

Date: Tuesday September 20, 2016
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (EST)
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Fortune 500 organizations are embracing the notion that the dissemination of content needs to be easy and quick and voluminous. From managing risk to achieving compliance mandates to getting products to market faster, the efficient circulation of content is critical to driving business forward.

The answer? Our customers, leaders in their sectors, say it’s the enterprise level transformation to PDF that’s helping them achieve information management goals which in turn fuels better business decision-making.

Join us for a live webinar discussing key advantages of leveraging the international PDF standard and the automation of the standardization of content. Learn how strengthening your content with enhancements like metadata exposure, enabling searchability of images within documents and adding layers of security prepares it for downstream processes like classification, analytics and intelligent archiving.

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Steve Studer

Steve Studer

Senior Technology Strategist

Steve has over 30 years of experience in the publishing and content management industry. Prior to joining Adlib, Steve has spent the last 22 years specifically focused on helping companies around the world maximize the value of unstructured content.

In addition to helping to set product direction, Steve has hands on experience in managing and implementing large content-intensive projects. He is now responsible for driving new opportunities by working closely with Adlib Account Executives and the Solutions Consultant team and provides critical market insights while acting as a liaison to develop and uncover high value use cases for Adlib's key customers.