Are you taking on risk by manually processing enterprise email containing mission-critical data?

Date: Tuesday February 02, 2016
Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (EST)
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Industry challenge: While organizations today realize there is valuable data trapped, then lost, within emails and their attachments, they don’t always know how to effectively extract that critical business information, classify it with meta data and preserve it for the long term with easy content search capabilities.

Solution: Attend this webinar and learn how applying Advanced Rendering technology to your Life Sciences enterprise email containing mission-critical data including - Patient Safety Data, customer complaints, clinical trial documents, and more, will address:

  • The disappearance of emails (accidental deletion)
  • Emails inadvertently being placed into an improper folder
  • The use of desk top tools to convert emails into PDF files and not a server-based solution – and see these problems:
    • No database that tracks which emails have been exported, so system loses track when email client is closed, thus can duplicate exports
    • Only basic extraction is being performed, rather than capturing content in the header, body and attachment of emails
  • Manual save after being converted to PDF with attached PDFs
  • Some emails that have .txt file which is causing problems with rendering

Meet two industry experts from Biovia and Adlib and take this opportunity to consult about your current mission-critical data challenges.

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Murtuza Vasowalla

Murtuza Vasowalla

Director, Global Solutions Consulting

Specializing in Vision Engineering and Solutions Architecture, Murtuza has creatively applied new and existing technologies to solve the toughest business problems across industries.

Dan Revely

Dan Revely

Life Sciences Industry Solution Engineer

Dan is a dedicated Life Sciences solutions consultant and has implemented enterprise-grade Advanced Rendering technology globally for Global 5,000 customers.