New Series #2 - Mapping Unstructured Content: The Key to Real Classification

Date: Thursday October 08, 2015
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM (EST)
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Adlib Webinar Series: Insights & Inspiration: unlocking the value in unstructured content

Introducing a new webinar series: Insights & Inspiration: Unlocking the Value in Unstructured Content, exploring the various ways companies are currently and in the future will use technology to enhance content management processes.

The ability to find information and adhere to compliance standards are prevalent goals for all enterprise organizations. With the unprecedented growth in unstructured data (in fact 90% of enterprise data is unstructured), manually adding metadata, or classifying content according to broad categories is no longer efficient or sufficient to meet those goals.

Finding Information is estimated to account for 19% of all working time spent by knowledge workers. Making data easily “findable” increases productivity and job satisfaction.

Compliance alignment rates as a huge concern for enterprise organizations.  35% of the digital universe is subject to compliance regulations. Labelling content accurately and implementing automation ensures a legally defensible process.

Join us as we discuss how Advanced Rendering-powered classification is changing the face of content management and allowing:

  • More efficient business workflows
  • An ongoing approach to Information Governance
  • An elevated ability to meet compliance mandates and mitigate risk
  • The ability to effectively address unstructured data complexity

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