New Series #3 - Infobesity – It’s Time to Shape Up Your Content

Date: Wednesday November 18, 2015
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM (EST)
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Adlib Webinar Series: Insights & Inspiration: unlocking the value in unstructured content

Introducing a new webinar series: Insights & Inspiration: Unlocking the Value in Unstructured Content, exploring the various ways companies are currently and in the future will use technology to enhance content management processes.

Not only is the volume of content increasing but, with richer capabilities such as embedded content, graphics and more, individual file sizes are bloating quickly. It is useful to know that there are 'diet and exercise' programs that can be applied to your content that will achieve significant results.

Infobesity is a fun term applied to a very large (and growing) serious problem. We've all been stunned, if not a bit confused, by the almost weekly stats and articles related to the rising tides of information and content (did you know that every day 15 petabytes of new information is created?); but it is reality.

Join us as we discuss how Infobesity is more of a problem now than ever before and how many of our customers are seizing the opportunity to:

  • Trim down the fat in content stores by reducing file sizes, for more efficient storage and sharing
  • Understand the content they have so they can better manage and share it
  • Lose that extra storage weight that snuck up on you by addressing Dark Data with de-duplication

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