PDF/A: it’s more than you think

Date: Thursday May 28, 2015
Time: 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM (EST)
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Does your organization have an archiving strategy in place? If so, you are on the right path! Are you leveraging the various PDF/A standards to enable successful long-term preservation and storage of business-critical information?

Watch this on-demand webinar that discusses the evolution of the ISO PDF/A standard as it approaches its 10-year anniversary. Find out what’s changed and learn the hidden benefits (literally) and uses of PDF/A. Using the various versions of PDF/A to their maximum potential (which one applies to you?) enables so much more than just efficient storage. Your teams will thank you for improved access to information regardless of viewing platform; compliance processes that go smoothly; and enhanced records management to name just a few of the benefits PDF/A brings to the enterprise.

Is it time to find out more? From Energy to Manufacturing to Engineering to Life Sciences to Financial Services, PDF/A is relevant to a broad range of industries. Watch the recorded webinar to learn more!

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Roger Beharry Lall

Roger Beharry Lall

Director, Market Strategy & Research

With a broad background in technology and innovation, Roger has been a strategic B2B marketer for over 15 years working with IBM, BlackBerry (Research in Motion), and other global vendors and systems integrators.

An AIIM Certified ECM Practitioner, Roger is passionate about how Advanced Rendering technologies bring business value to diverse organizational processes.

Miqdad Jaffer

Miqdad Jaffer

Product Manager

Miqdad is a Product Manager at Adlib, where he is responsible for the vision and direction of Adlib PDF, ensuring that market requirements find their way into the product. He graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2007 with a degree in Software Engineering, and comes to Adlib after 8 years in the utilities industry where he started as a software developer, and moved into a product management role for the last 4 years. He comes  with ample experience in enterprise and customer-facing applications.