Automating Enterprise Archiving for Worry-Free Compliance

Date: Thursday October 23, 2014
Time: 10:30 AM to 11:00 AM (EST)
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Webinar: Automating Enterprise Archiving for Worry-Free Compliance

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The speed with which enterprise information is growing has prompted leading global organizations to look to new enterprise archiving strategies to ensure content is being managed both appropriately and comprehensively. IT departments are struggling to gain control of this vast sea of data which is critical to organizational and regulatory compliance mandates, archiving mandates and efficiency standards. What keeps your IT people up at night? Bloated storage costs? The inability to grab hold of unstructured data? Departments working in silos with little collaboration across the enterprise?

During this live webinar on October 23rd, 2014, subject matter experts at Open Text and Adlib provided an overview of some of these benefits, which include:

  • Ensuring the protection of your critical business information
  • Enabling accessibility and “findability” of vital data by multiple teams in multiple locations
  • Addressing storage concerns, particularly as this relates to the exponential growth of enterprise information now and in the years to come
  • Gaining control over not only structured data, but all of that unstructured data as well, which is becoming increasingly important
  • The ability to respond easily to the intensifying pressure for compliance (organizational, legal and regulatory)

Automated data archiving satisfies compliance mandates and simplifies sharing. It also helps to make organizational processes more efficient. We look forward to sharing with you some of the strategies we have used, as a strategic partnership, to help organizations gain control of critical content with integrations that streamline the enterprise archiving process, while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Webinar Transcription: Worry Free Compliance with OTC


Greg Clark, Director of Product Management at Open Text, discusses the trend towards extracting more value from content

Automating Enterprise Archiving for Worry-Free Compliance
Information is driving innovation and growth but it is also causing some business interruption. There is a shift in the market. We know there are some big pain points, but they are really not driving information governance projects. It is really about extracting value from the data you have in your enterprise. Focusing on uncovering value is where information governance is headed.

Information governance today focuses on uncovering nuggets of information and this is a really key part of the strategy going forward for organizations.

Another area of focus is that end users tend to be terrible at classifying information. They engage in risky behavior like deletion of emails and sending information outside of firewalls (to home computers for example). This makes the imposition of classification procedures for the purpose of compliance tricky.

There is also a rush to the cloud. Gartner has estimated that Google will have 25% of this market in two years and then from an archiving perspective, roughly a third of enterprises will move their archives to the cloud. With these big changes happening in the market it’s a challenge to provide data archiving solutions for worry-free compliance while focusing on how you can extract value from your content vs. costs and risks.


Roger Beharry Lall, Director, Market Strategy & Research at Adlib talks about the PDF/A standard for archiving practices.

Automating Enterprise Archiving for Worry-Free Compliance
PDF/A has become more of a standard, now an ISO standard and also an open, non-proprietary offering with a number of different versions. Each of these versions is unique, and the one an organization chooses to use will depend on its specific needs. There is a lot of complexity to achieving worry-free data archiving as organizations look more and more at this standard and how best to meet their needs within the PDF/A universe.

Extracting value from metadata:

Roger goes on to discuss the risks that organizations are grappling with. When you are dealing with regulatory compliance and potential legal action, you now have some critical issues you need to deal with. One of the things we’ve seen the more advanced or leading organizations really take advantage of is this idea of metadata. So metadata is obviously data about data but often it is buried in a system. You are going to have information related to documents like date, author name, department number, etc. We’ve been exploring more and more with our clients how to take advantage of that.

It is rare that end users will deal with updating metadata. So organizations are looking at automatic extraction of metadata, using specific key aspects like status, case number, etc. Once you have that metadata, you can then trigger some rules based Advanced Rendering, metadata driven rules. For example, any email that is authored by Greg and is over 2 MB and is later than 3 months, let’s PDF that and let’s PDF only the body of the email. But if it’s by Roger, we’re going to PDF the body and the attachment and we’ll mark it high priority. This removes some of that risk from the end user level.

Content conversion as a Shared Service:

Automating Enterprise Archiving for Worry-Free Compliance
Organizations may convert contracts, as an example, but forget about accounts payable, incoming resumes or shop floor control documents. So what you need to do is look at a solution that allows you to automatically convert this archivable data in the most appropriate format across the entire organization. The trick is to find something that is flexible and powerful enough to meet all of your different needs. You may, for example, want to apply different rules, enhancements and triggers for various ECMs across your organization. Sharepoint may be treated differently than your Open Text system because they are used for different purposes.

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Webinar: Automating Enterprise Archiving for Worry-Free Compliance

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Greg Clark

Greg Clark

Director Program Management

Greg is responsible for thought leadership and program management for the Enterprise Information Archiving at OpenText. Over the past 10 years Greg has managed industry leading Enterprise Software products with Hummingbird, OpenText, CA Technologies, and HP Autonomy. Prior to rejoining OpenText, he spent the last 6 years managing Information Governance solutions with a focus on Enterprise Archiving, eDiscovery, and Regulatory Supervision in the cloud and on premise.

Roger Beharry Lall

Roger Beharry Lall

Director, Product Marketing
Adlib Software

Roger, a strategic B2B technology marketer for over 15 years addresses the overlap between technology and business. From ERP & CRM pre-sales consulting in Asian to Alliance and Market development with a Canadian Systems Integrator/VAR, Roger has a broad background in technology and innovation. Immediately prior to joining Adlib, Roger worked for BlackBerry (Research in Motion) growing the customer base 10x, expanding into new markets, technologies, and customer segments. A recent addition to Adlib, Roger is responsible for product positioning and is passionate about how Adlib can help improve specific business functions.