Enterprise-Class Content Transformation for Life Sciences

Adlib PDF is the leading enterprise-ready, compliant document transformation solution for Life Sciences organizations, integrating with all commonly-used Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to improve the efficiency of document lifecycle workflows through advanced rendering and archiving capabilities.

  • Datasheet: PDF for Life Sciences

    Advanced Rendering technology provides an intelligent and compliant document-to-PDF process, creating streamlined efficiency for document workflows for organizations in the Life Sciences arena.

Adlib PDF enables top pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and other Life Sciences organizations to:

  • garner efficiencies in the regulatory approval process and streamline workflows with regulatory requirements by automatically generating regulatory-compliant and submission-ready PDF content that meets the Regulatory guidelines of the FDA and other Health Agencies

  • eliminate reliance on native applications with advanced rendering of content into high-fidelity, fully text-searchable, regulatory-compliant and submission-ready PDF content that retains the complete integrity of original documents—including advanced formatting, hyperlinked navigation and more

  • increase accuracy and reduce risks of human error associated with manual processes by automatically transforming documents throughout their lifecycles with advanced rendering capabilities such as conversion of 400+ file formats—including MS Office, Lotus Notes, CAD drawings, images, faxes, scans, emails, maps, forms, charts, and other types of content, rules-based document assembly with headers, footers, watermarks and hyperlinks, and support for additional output types including PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, HTML and JPG

  • ensure long-term access to information across all devices through automated document-level publishing and archiving to PDF/A, the ISO standard for archiving that ensures clinical documents, batch records, contracts and other business critical documents remain fully accessible in perpetuity, regardless of platform

  • scale massively to support the enterprise with Adlib’s centralized solution that maintains high availability, load balancing and full reporting in support of high-volume, multi-site environments, including those that process millions of documents per day

Life Sciences Best Practices Based on Industry Experience

Advanced Rendering for Conversion & Document-Level Publishing

Automatically convert 400+ file formats into high-fidelity, text searchable PDFs—including MS Office, Lotus Notes, CAD drawings, images, faxes, scans, emails, maps, forms, charts, and other types of content—and apply intelligent rules-based document assembly, merging and enhancements with headers, footers, watermarks, digital signatures and security settings

Archived Content for Long-Term Access on All Devices

Easily transform content that relies on native applications for current access into PDF format to ensure meet regulatory and audit requirements by publishing to PDF/A, the ISO standard for archiving

Simplified Access and Distribution of Content

Effortlessly convert and store content for the long-term that provides a consistent viewing experience to all stakeholders along with simplified access, sharing and ease-of-use.

International Support for Rendering in Multiple Languages

Automatically and accurately render documents in their native language, ensuring content is in compliance with global regulatory requirements.