PDF Rendering for Nintex Workflow

More efficient workflow for everyone

Nintex® Workflow® adds a drag-and-drop workflow design and connectivity capabilities to Microsoft SharePoint, helping users automate business processes. Adlib further enhances document management within the business process by automatically converting documents into PDF to ensure corporate assets can be easily searched, viewed and shared.

  • Datasheet: Adlib & Nintex

    Explore how turn-key integration with Nintex Workflow adds a drag-and-drop workflow designer, connectivity, and advanced features to SharePoint, which allow users to easily and quickly automate their own processes, while sharing and aligning business practices across teams.

As the PDF experts, Nintex users rely on Adlib’s superior rendering engine to retain the integrity of the original document and deliver the advanced formatting and navigation required to assemble and publish a wide variety and volume of compliant documents.

With the ability to convert 400+ document file types into PDF, PDF archive (PDF/A) and other outputs, Adlib PDF can convert virtually any document you might find in your SharePoint system.

Benefits of Adlib & Nintex

Automate Business Processes in SharePoint with Adlib and Nintex

Are you looking to automate your business processes in SharePoint?

Adlib Software develops technology to automate business processes that require the conversion of documents to PDF. We create enterprise grade, server-based products that provide document transformation services to organizations with challenging business problems due to high volumes of content or regulatory compliance demands.

This video will show how Nintex Workflow can be used with Adlib PDF for SharePoint to create workflows that include converting documents to PDF. Nintex is easy to use, it provides an intuitive, graphical web browser interface that allows you to build complex workflows quickly and easily. Within minutes of installing, organizations or users are able to create a simple approve and publish workflow.

  • Produce fully compliant, archive-ready documents: Automatically convert and assemble documents with business rules to enhance PDF files with branding, watermarks, timestamps, page numbers, headers, footers, security and other custom features to ensure government or corporate standards are enforced for distribution or long-term retention.
  • Deliver consistently professional documents: Convert large volume, multi-format files into a single, standardized document with a consistent look and feel. Advanced navigation and formatting capabilities deliver automatic merging and assembly of documents into a PDF file.
  • Streamline publishing and collaboration processes: How much time are you spending to merge documents, add compliance features, print documents, convert them into PDFs, and email them to the next person in the process chain? By including Adlib actions in your Nintex Workflow, you can automate these and take SharePoint process efficiency to the next level.
  • Improve document quality: Adlib’s superior rendering engine and image-to-PDF OCR capabilities improve the quality of legacy PDFs, converting existing documents into high-fidelity files. Adlib retains layout, formats, links, layers and image quality, transforming files into assets throughout the enterprise.