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Content Coaching

One of the most common things our customers tell us is that they know they have a problem but they don’t know how to begin solving it. They often have a vision of where they are going, and have many extremely talented people ready to take action and move to the next level. We love helping them get there. Having worked with organizations in highly regulated industries for several years, we’ve become accustomed to the challenges they face when it comes to their unstructured content.

Content Coaching is done in the form of a workshop to help an organization figure out a plan to conquer their content. Adlib brings in our content, technology, and business strategy experts. We sit down with representatives from the organization’s legal, compliance, technology, and records management departments, plus the executive team, and anyone else that has a stake in using or protecting the organization’s data, and we come up with a plan – together. We deliver plans that result in technology solutions which serve the organization’s needs now and 10 years from now. With Content Coaching, the team builds a strategy that fits the organization’s requirements, budget, and goals – and then we put it into action!

Content Coaching is ideal if your organization:

  • deals with large volumes of documents
  • is challenged by industry/regulatory demands
  • requires solutions for content migration, compliance, privacy and security, digital transformation, and classification
  • needs to improve the management of unstructured  content

Contact us today to find out more!

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Content Coaching Datasheet

Learn how enterprises can apply Advanced Rendering technology to improve content management projects – from classification to digital preservation to compliance to capture, and more in complimentary Content Coaching workshops.

Content Coaching